Cardio Endurance Health

Focus on key upper and lower strength movements with accessory and isolated movements to help develop an optimally performing body. Explosive circuit training designed to make you work hard and burn those calories all the time.


Health Movement

Adapting traditional boxing skills and techniques designed to make you tone those arms and burn calories. Movement patterns leading to fat burning, cardiovascular, strength and toning workout.


Cardio Endurance Strong

Train like an athlete with functional movements mixed with fun intense training. Improving overall working capacities – helps you to work harder for longer.



The foundational movements done well, consisting of resistance training. Building lean muscle and dropping body fat percentage, thus creating a healthier body.


Cardio Endurance Health

Aims to keep training fun and showcase a variety of exercises for all fitness levels. Generally, includes a strength and conditioning style workout. Explore your capacities and push yourself to the limit with a team environment supporting you every step of the way.


Cardio Strong

Strengthen your legs and get that bootie fit and strong with our intense lower limb workouts.

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