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Looking to get back into exercise after injury or pregnancy?

​Keen to increase your physical activity in general after a period of inactivity but don’t know where to start?

Clinical Exercise/Reformer Pilates is a fantastic place to begin providing a safe and effective platform to launch you towards feeling and performing as your best self. Reformer Pilates provides a great form of low impact strength training and is suitable for multiple pathologies. Our Reformer is commonly used for pre and postnatal, improving joint mobility, lower back pain treatment, postural correction, improving core strength, increasing athletic performance and rehabilitation.

What is Clinical Exercise & Pilates?

Clinical Pilates or Clinical Exercise is a form of physical exercise combining traditional rehab exercises with Pilates inspired movements instructed by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Clinical Exercise classes at The Studio are run by qualified Exercise Physiologist and are focused on the individual, with an emphasis on setting and achieving personal goals. Specialised apparatus is utilised allowing specific focus on improving posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and healthy breathing mechanics. Exercises can be modified to accommodate injuries through the use of equipment. Pre/post-natal women are welcome to attend any Studio Clinical Classes.

Where do i start?

To provide the most effective program for exercise and rehabilitation clients must book an Initial Consultation prior to commencing Semi-Private classes or a one-on-one session. This consultation is used to take an injury history, perform a physical assessment identifying any areas of weakness or movement faults that should be addressed. Following this assessment your Exercise Physiologist will guide you through the best exercise pathway tailored for you.
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