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Group training experience for our members are aimed at incorporating complex exercise science principles and training methodologies into fun, interactive and unique bouts of moderate to high intensity exercise workouts to target overall strength, endurance and core strength. Led by our university qualified exercise scientists and personal trainers, each session ensures that you get the best workout suited to your experience level to help achieve your health & fitness goals. We place value on full-range-of-motion movements to decrease body fat, enhance mobility, and prevent injuries. The emphasis on longevity is evident through our periodised programming, incorporating key strength lifts, accessories, and conditioning training to elevate overall working capacity.

Our programs are tailored to your goals and life schedule. Our consistently diverse and thoughtfully scheduled training programs are designed to consistently challenge you, promoting the cultivation of the healthiest, fittest, and mentally strongest version of yourself. Work with your dedicated coaches within the class to stay accountable to your fitness routine and make consistent progress to achieve your desired results!

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